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Frequently Asked Questions

What's your phone number?

We don't list our number publicly because we get too many spam calls, but email works much better for us anyway! Our form lists all the information we need to create your custom quote.

What are your prices?

We custom quote every project, because every project is so different! Factors that affect price are overall size, level of detail, quantity, colors, design prep, etc.

Can you print multi-color images on your vinyl?

Yes! We have a printer with an 18.5" print area and are able to print/cut full color images for either medium size decals or stickers.

Is there an order minimum?

Nope! If you just want a single decal for your computer, that works for us! Keep in mind that design services cost extra.

What's the largest size you can cut?

Our vinyl comes in a 48" wide roll, so the maximum width for a single shape is 47". Lettering/images with multiple parts are more forgiving, as those can be cut in pieces and then reassembled. There is no maximum length.

What's the smallest font size you can cut?

It depends on the font, but, in general, the minimum letter height for our machines is 1/2". The smaller the letter, the less accurate the cut will be, and the more difficult it will be to weed (remove the excess vinyl) and install.

How do you charge for re-orders?

Full re-orders will receive a 10% discount. Partial re-orders or re-orders requiring change in color/size are discounted on a case by case basis.

What's the turnaround time for my order?

After receipt of final files and upon quote approval, typical turnaround time to process an order is 5 business days, not including shipping time. Any order needing a quicker turnaround time is subject to a rush fee.

Is vinyl recyclable?

Unfortunately, no. Due to the adhesive, the vinyl is not recyclable. We are checking out options that are more environmentally friendly. Stay tuned!

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