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Decal preparation

Need a decal? We got you! Our self-adhesive decals can be used for all sorts of applications, including: storefronts, event decor, frosted privacy vinyl for offices, exhibition lettering & labels, temporary floor vinyl, smaller decals and stickers for cars/boats/bikes (no full car wraps at this time, sorry!), computer decals, decals for custom packaging, and so much more!

Contour cutting

Our machines will cut the outline of your image into the vinyl, then we'll "weed" out the negative space by hand. Finally, we'll apply a layer of transfer tape to the top, which will make installation a breeze.


Our maximum size for a single shape is 46" x 120". For larger files, it's likely we can separate the shapes and then reassemble after cutting. We do this frequently with text-based artwork, but it works for any design that contains multiple shapes under 46" wide. Please note that we have different size restrictions for printed projects. Please refer to the Printing section.

Accepted file types

Our machines use vector files such as SVG or EPS. Vectors are scalable graphics. If you send us a bitmap image such as JPEG or PNG, the file will need to be converted, or else the cut line will not be precise. We offer a vectorization service that starts at $50 per image (price goes up depending on level of difficulty).

First/second surface

For decals intended for glass, you will need to specify whether your decal is intended for first surface installation or second surface installation.

  • First surface means the decal will be installed on the front surface of the glass. The adhesive will be on the back of the decal, which is the same for installation on a solid wall.

  • Second surface means the decal will be installed on the back side of the glass. The adhesive will be on the front of the decal, and the decal will appear reversed until it is installed.


Every decal is unique, and that's why we don't have a standard price sheet for decal prep. Variables that can affect the price are: overall size, number of shapes, level of detail, color, deadline, etc.

A 12" x 12" decal with just 3 solid-color shapes might cost $35, whereas a decal of the same size but with 9 lines of text might cost $62. Calculating quotes takes a lot of time, which is why we ask all of our new customers to please fill out our quote request form. We have worked hard to make the process as seamless as possible.

Unlike some of the bigger print companies, we do not have an order minimum. We pride ourselves in being able to offer this flexibility to our customers. That said, each new project incurs a $20 setup fee, but this fee can be waived for future orders that use the same file. We also accept small orders on a case-by-case basis, depending on our workload.


Choose from our most popular vinyl colors: black, white, gold, and frosted. We have several other colors in limited quantities, just ask! For custom colors and multi-color designs, please refer to the Printing section. If your project is rush, prepare to be flexible with your color options.


Typically, our outdoor-grade vinyl is glossy and our indoor-grade vinyl is matte, with a few exceptions.


We offer printing options for custom colors, multi-color designs, and photographs. For color matching, please provide the CMYK hex #. We will do our best to get the closest match possible, but please note that colors can print differently across different substrates, which is out of our control.


For printed projects, our maximum size for a single shape is 18" x 96". For larger files, it's likely we can separate the shapes and then reassemble after cutting. We do this frequently with text-based artwork, but it works for any design that contains multiple shapes under 18" wide.

Accepted file types

We can print JPEGs and PNGs, but if your file is low-resolution, it might print pixelated. Vector files are always preferred for print.

Our printer materials

Our printer uses CMYK eco-solvent ink and white vinyl. We are unable to print on clear vinyl or paper, and we also do not have white or metallic ink.

Bleeds and cut lines

Please add a separate layer with a bleed and an additional layer with a cut line in magenta. If there is no bleed, it's likely the decal will have white edges in some areas. If you don't know how to do this, we can help you set up your file for an hourly rate.


We currently are only able to print stickers for personal use, as we do not have an electric trimmer which would make the edges uniform, so they are not suitable for resale.

Print pricing

In addition to our standard $20 project setup fee, our setup fee for printing is $10. Both setup fees can also be waived for future orders using the same print file, resulting in a $30 discount.


Printed jobs can either be matte or glossy, depending on your preference.

Phone consultation

Book a 30-minute consultation with us to discuss your project over the phone for $39. We'll answer any questions you might have about the process.


We are happy to help you visualize the placement and size of your decal. Just send us a photo and measurements of the installation area. Mockup generation costs $50 per image, which includes one revision. 

Site visits

Our on-site consultation service is $250 for one hour or $350 for two hours. During this visit, we'll take measurements of the space and make size recommendations. We'll follow up this service with a complimentary mockup, which includes one revision.

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